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LIPS, sexy lips, sex, sex advice , tips
Sometimes in our efforts to make our lives a little more comfortable (work/money), we tend to neglect the sexual part of our relationships. When there used to be sex 2 - 3 times a night, we have  now boiled to to 2 - 3 times a month! 

This is not okay! Find the time to engage in naughty adult activities at least 2 - 3 times per week in order to maintain a strong sexual relationship with your partner.

Here are some "tips" and advice on how to keep your relationship hot and heavy for a lifetime!

Make out, LIPS, sexy lips, sex, sex advice , tips, when to make out, where to make out
  • Make Out, Anytime, Anywhere:  In the car, at the movies, in the club. This does not involve sex. It can be kissing, heavy petting (Jamaican people sey feel up!) and everything else EXCEPT penetration. This is an excellent lead up to later tonight!

SEXTING, sexy text, phone
  • Whatever is sexy in your mind, TEXT IT!:  Something new that you wanna try, TEXT IT. Something that you've done before & want to try again, TEXT IT. Anything. Even the shy people. 

Blindfold, handcuffs
  • Blindfolds/Handcuffs: Yes I know, some people might think this freaky. Well, it's NOT! Cover your eyes & "feel" your way around to get what you want. It might feel awkward at first but you'll both laugh together. 
  • Handcuffs allow one partner to be total control, which can be unusual and scary for the person in the handcuffs. NEW EXCITEMENT is the result!

sex toys, how to use sex toys
  • Bring In Some Sex Toys: Some men might not go for this at first but sex toys can be lubricant, fragrant oils, whipped cream, glowing condoms, you name it. For the braver souls you can try vibrators for additional stimulation which may heighten the orgasm for you and your partner. 

sexy dress, how to dress sexy
  • Dress for Sex EVERYDAY:  I know it's hard but there is no "day off" from being sexy for your partner. Yes your tired, don't feel like combing your hair BUT your must! From simply going without underwear to bed (or to work), or as much as sexy lingerie when it's not his birthday/Valentines Day/ Anniversary. White cotton granny panties, after all, can really kill the mood.

dress up, play dress up, role play
  • Play DRESS-UP:Your hubby has been naughty, maybe a good spanking is in order - teacher/student style. Could be that there's a warrant out for his arrest & you are the arresting officer!  I personally like being the "nurse" to my "sick" hunny....

  • My Advice: Use YOUR Imagination!

Get more advice/ tips from the experts HERE. 
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