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Take Care of Your Body!
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Educate Yourself!

The only way to ensure that your body id in tip top condition is to educate  yourself and have an excellent relationship with your Gynaecologist or General Practitioner.  

Being self aware can be as easy as checking your underwear when you remove it or looking at your stool when you use the toilet. Some people might say "well that's just gross" but the color of your pee/stool can tell a lot about what's going on inside your body. Any unusual odor or color is good enough reason the speak with your doctor. 

Be sure to check your partners private parts as well for any unusual bumps, bruises or discharge which can indicate that something isn't right. 

Another thing that can help with maintaining your sexual health is yearly Pap Smears. For me personally I get this done on my birthday EVERY year! This can help with early detection of Cervical Cancer OR anything the could pose a problem in the future. 

My Advice: Visit your doctor whenever you have any doubts about ANYTHING that looks unusual.  

Click HEREfor more useful (yes, it's gross) and completely necessary information, advice and tips  which can save you and your partner's life. 

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