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How Many Hearts have YOU Broken?
Too Big OR Too Small?
Do you have a SECRET CRUSH?
To "EAT" or not to "EAT"....
Sexual Communication


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How Many Hearts have YOU Broken?

Sometimes we can't deal with it but then we can't live without it. 

More often than we'd like there comes a time when a relationship must end. It can be a friendship that has become toxic OR a romance that is no longer romantic. 

I personally have a few upset exes in my past (with good reason) and sometime find myself back tracking to ask myself if there was a better way to end this "unfruitful" relationship OR asking why was I in that stupid equation to begin with??
When friendships become overbearing or too argumentative it may be best to wish that friend well and give yourselves a break from the hassle. 

How many time have you broken up with with a partner or ended a friendship? What was the reason & How did it make you feel?


Too Big OR Too Small?

What defines a good Sexual Partner? 
Is it a large penis or a really tight vagina?
Is it the acrobatics that you perform (headtop, wheel barrow, etc) ?
Is it how long your partner can keep up (45 mins, 1 hr plus)? 

For me personally the greatest lover is the most UNSELFISH one, the one who puts my needs first before his own. 
It takes a great lover to have the patience to understand how their partners body works in order to satisfy sexually. Some men & women are only concerned with their own satisfaction & most times leave their partners longing for more (which at some point leads to cheating). 

Once you are selfless sexually, the greatest pleasure you can find is in satisfying your partner and of course they in turn will also selflessly satisfy you, leading to ........
What is it really that makes a person a great lover in bed? 

Do you have a SECRET CRUSH?

Crush, secret crush
"a burning desire to be with someone who you find very attractive and extremely special"
For EG:
1. I am so crushing on that new supervisor over by Sales. 
2. before we went out, i had a crush on him for almost a year!

I personally am aware of many of my co-workers "crushing" on each other whether in secret or openly, which led me to write this topic today. 

Crushes can be harmless or VERY DANGEROUS especially if you are in a serious relationship and are unable to control yourself. 
If you and your crush are both single and available then go ahead & flirt the time away!
If not, be very careful what you do/say as your actions can/will hurt the unsuspecting object of your affections and other innocent parties. 


To "EAT" or not to "EAT"....

oral sex, eat, relationships
A large majority of our Jamaican society are completely against Oral Sex. 
Fire, brimstone and lava.
Yes, most men and some women think this sexual practice is too Freaky and downright nasty. 
In fact, a friend of mine used to date the most fire burning Rasta artiste in Jamaican Dancehall and she said he was the wickedest eater she ever had. WOW! 

What re your thoughts? Is Oral Sex disgusting or is it a healthy part of a great sexual relationship? 


Sexual Communication

sexually frustrated, relationship
sexually frustrated, relationshisp

How do you tell your partner that whatever he/she is doing no longer works OR has never worked for you?? 
For Example: Your man just stab,stab,stab then cum & finish OR your girlfriend get her satisfaction then just lie on her back with nothing else for you...OR your partner does something during sex that is TOTALLY ANNOYING but you say nothing ...
Sometimes we want to spare the feelings of our loved ones by not saying  anything about turns us OFF  the most. But how do we actually say something about it? What do we say? When do say it? 
In trying to spare our partners feelings we end up being sexually frustrated which can lead to seeking satisfaction outside of your relationship.  
Communication is KEY. 

Tell us how you communicate for Sexual Gratification...

What Do You Consider to be TOO FREAKY sexually?

sex, freaky sex, back door
I know some Jamaican men that think "kissing with tongue" is to freaky. On the other hand I have a friend that will do absolutely anything / everything  sexual, included "back door" and golden showers (wow!). 

What do YOU think is too freaky with sex? How far would you & your partner (safely) go in your sex acts?

Speak your Mind!!

Spice up Your SexLife!

spice, sex, spice up sex
Sometimes in our efforts to make our lives a little more comfortable (work/money), we tend to neglect the sexual part of our relationships. 

When there used to be sex 2 - 3 times a night, we have  now boiled to to 2 - 3 times a month! 
This is not okay! Find the time to engage in naughty adult activities at least 2 - 3 times per week in order to maintain a strong sexual relationship with your partner.

Tell us how YOU get the heat back!